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NTHEN has hosted graduation exercises and commencement ceremonies for graduating homeschool students since 1992 and has assisted numerous homeschool support groups over the years in developing their own graduation events.

Nevertheless, our Graduation program continues to be very popular with graduating seniors (and their parents and families) because the ceremony itself is professionally executed, and because the program offers high school seniors opportunities to come together for fellowship throughout the year prior to their graduation. For example, to participate in activities such as barbecues, swimming parties, sporting activities, nights at the movies, formal events, and other special get-togethers as determined by the graduates themselves, and a parent oversight group.

Thus, our seniors graduate as a true graduating class, not just as a group of strangers!

Parents appreciate the fact that one modest fee covers everything - Event Director, facilities (church sanctuary and Fellowship Hall), audio and lighting technician(s), clean up crew, commencement speaker, pianist and vocal music, graduate honors reception, graduate cap and gown with tassel and yearly insignia, plus all the regalia inherent with such an important event in the lives of seniors and their families and friends.

NTHEN typically sponsors at least one graduation ceremony each year accommodating hundreds of graduate family members and their guests.

Graduation always includes a commencement speaker who is selected for their ability to "charge" the graduates through their message of encouragement and inspiration to the graduate (and to their family members and guests, as well). Special music with vocalist and pianist are also an integral part of our program.

A further uniqueness of our Graduation and Commencement Ceremony is that each student is graduated individually, not in a mass ceremony. This is because Homeschooling is such a personal, one on one method of instruction/learning that our board believes it is entirely appropriate to graduating seniors and their parents to conclude this milestone event in their lives in the same manner, personal and individualized.

Information about our 2021 Graduation and Commencement Ceremony, which will be our 30th consecutive year to sponsor this event, will be available here the 4th week of October, 2020. 

If you would like to attend an upcoming Graduation event as our guest, please contact us by email at or by telephone at (972) 772-0082 for more information on how we can make that happen. A word of advice: space is always limited, so please inquire early.


If you have a student that you wish to be part of our Graduating Class of 2021, our 2021 GRADUATION PACKET will be  available here for opening and downloading in late October, 2020. Carefully read each page and complete the information required with parents and graduating student signing where indicated. Then, send the designated pages, and your payment, to NTHEN at the address shown in the Graduation Packet. Faxed copies, or copies scanned and emailed to us ARE ALSO ACCEPTED using the fax number and email address also shown below and with credit card payment included or written confirmation to us that payment by check or money order is in the mail.

Once your contract and payment are received, you will receive information about getting your graduate connected with others that will be graduating in our 2021 ceremony. Your graduate will be contacted by the 2021 graduating seniors Activity Coordinator (a parent volunteer) via email with information about planned events. This feature will be available, AFTER

1.  the 2021 initial Graduation meeting to be held in November, 2020; 

2.  the 2021 Activities Coordinator (parent volunteer) has been identified and designated by NTHEN; 

3.  payment for Graduation services for your senior have been received.

The videos below are provided to give you an idea of the scope and quality of our annual Graduation and Commencement Ceremonies.

 View excerpts from Graduate's  "Table of Honor"



View excerpts from a Graduation Ceremony




View excerpts from a Graduation Reception