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 A highly useful component of our web site is the provision of contact information for a very large listing of local Texas Homeschool Support Groups. We hope that this information will be helpful to you and your family. If you see a correction that needs to be made to a support group on our list, or would like to have a support group added to the list, please contact us at

New groups that wish to be added to NTHEN's Support Group database, and existing groups that need to update their information, must provide the information listed below to us by email or snailmail. 

1.  Organizational name; primary contact person; telephone number; web site address; email  address; and the county or counties primarily served. This will be posted on our web site.

2.  Your organizations mission statement or purpose. This will be posted on our web site.

3.  The individual providing the above information should include their name, position with the organization, and their telephone and email address. This information is ONLY for our records and will not be posted on our web site. We simply need legitimate authorization to add a group or to make changes to the information posted for an existing group.

We cannot add a group or change information about an existing group without this information. Additionally, it is your responsibility to keep NTHEN informed when information needs to be updated concerning your organization.Thank you for your help and cooperation.